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Foundations are only as effective as their grantees. And nonprofits are only as effective as their people. Yet funders tend to support programs to the exclusion of investing in the people who make those programs shine, or the professional and leadership development that supports the staff. It’s time for a new way of doing business.

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Download Rusty Stahl’s seminal framing article on the Talent Philanthropy framework from The Foundation Review.

Talent Philanthropy Project aims to dramatically improve how social change happens. We work to enhance nonprofit impact and sustainability by increasing and normalizing funder investment in grantee people and talent-systems.

We develop practical ideas and tools that enable the funding community to address the nonprofit sector’s talent challenge.

We have received generous support from Kresge Foundation, Public Welfare Foundation and Tides, and partnered closely with the NYU Wagner Research Center for Leadership in Action and other groups in the social sector. Talent Philanthropy Project is directed by Rusty Stahl, former executive director of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy.

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